The Best Subscription Boxes For Women in 2021

Looking for something extra to spice up your month? We’ve put together a breakdown of the best subscription boxes for women in 2021. There’s something for everyone here. Check it out.

By Michael Gallagher

As you know, subscription boxes are repeating deliveries of products and/or experiences, and many of them are made with women in mind. Here's our list of the best: 

FabFitFun, Image Source

1. FabFitFun


$49.99 per quarter or $179.99 per year.


FabFitFun offers $200+ in retail value of products for $49.99, all in one stylish box delivered seasonally. This is one of the most popular subscription boxes out there, inviting many women to indulge in the best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between. You also get the option to order add-ons, getting products you select at discounted wholesale prices.

4 Star Rating

(Based off 1,680 verified reviews)

Our Thoughts

We're always a little cautious when things start to get mainstream and profit hungry (rather than mission focused),  but FabFitFun has been able to maintain its quality and integrity all throughout! They do a nice job of creating a community feel and we love the add-on menus for those who want to continue their shopping. The luxury of this box hitting a large scale also means it's able to keep things super affordable, which we all love. This is a no-brainer recommendation in the world of self-care. Pro tip: you get to enjoy more customization options if you have the annual membership.

Stitch Fix, Image Source

2. Stitch Fix


$49.99 per quarter or $179.99 per year.


Stitch Fix is a personal styling service made for men, women & kids that sends clothing to your door (with free shipping & returns). Okay, so we cheated, this one also has options for men, BUT it started out as a subscription service for women only. With Stitch Fix, you can try on pieces of clothing at home, buy your favorites and send back the rest. The whole process is personalized too: you fill out a style quiz and get help from expert stylists. Grown out of Katrina Lake's apartment, the company has since soared to a billion dollar business, offering so many people with help building a wardrobe that perfectly matches their taste.

2.7 Star Rating

(Based off 627 verified reviews)

Our Thoughts

Okay, so let's put the reviews into context. This one a groundbreaking business. It was one of the first to popularize the subscription model and the try before you buy delivery. Ultimately, we think this is still worth keeping on the radar. It's so hard to know what clothes to buy, and frustrating processing returns from online orders. Stitch Fix does away with this. You can also enjoy the service without committing to a subscription. This one is definitely a big YES for women (and for men, but shh, this blog is for the ladies!).

Copyright Master Peace Box, 2020

3. The Master Peace Box


$39 per month plus shipping and handling


The Master Peace Box helps us feel good through creativity, celebrating self-expression as an integral part in self-care. Each box comes with an artistic or craft activity that pairs with a virtual class. The classes open with a guided meditation and then move into a creative flow. This box combines the best of mindfulness and art therapy that work in tandem to help the participants find peace.

5 Star Rating

(Based off 10 verified reviews)

Our Thoughts

A new offering, we think this concept needs to flourish in the world. We want to help people heal and find inner peace through connective to their own creativity. Of course, we are very biased, but we really love the Master Peace Box! We source premium supplies for this art box, and provide access to truly one-of-a-kind events with healers, artists & other guides that may typically charge upwards of $100 alone per session.

Causebox, Image Source

4. Causebox


$49.95 per season


This box is all about giving back and doing good. After signing up, you get $270 worth of ethically sourced products for a fraction of the cost. The site also functions as a marketplace for shopping brands at wholesale costs for box add-on items. Causebox is "committed to supporting small scale makers and artisans as a way to end poverty and protect the planet. We are passionate about women's empowerment and creating opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged populations." Each box also comes adorn with unique, collectible artwork coverings.

4.6 Star Rating

(Based off 432 verified reviews)

Our Thoughts

Although Causebox touts women's empowerment, which we of course can all get behind, we wonder if it is a true core value of the business or perhaps a mere marketing technique, as the founders are two men. That aside, the concept and execution are fantastic. We all love doing good, and it's helpful when we can shop the brands we love without any of the guilt. This box comes at a solid value too.

BoxyCharm, Image Source

5. BoxyCharm


$25.00 per month, with additional savings for prepay options


Beauty just got a whole lot cheaper! The BoxyCharm box sends you 5 full-sized beauty products each month with an average retail value of $175. The company's social media shares tips to get the most out of the products with engaging tutorials. Additional bonuses include giveaways, and add-on shoppables. The BoxyCharm team picks the best in makeup, skincare, haircare, and more. Upon signing up, you get an additional $10 credit to shop the add-on menu.

4.7 Star Rating

(Based off 24,256 verified reviews)

Our Thoughts

If you're a makeup lover, you'll love this. This box has generated a lot of buzz and a lot of fandom with it's affordable price and well-renowned products. It's also extremely low risk: $25 bucks for nearly $200 in product value? No brainer! Definitely worth try. The only caveat, not much personalization with this box. But if you're down with the curated surprise, you'll love this.

CURATEUR, Image Source

6. CURATEUR (Formerly Rachel Zoe Box of Style)


$99.99 per season


Ready to elevate your style? Don't know where to start? CURATEUR offers a 5-piece seasonal box of over accessories and clothes, totaling $500 in retail value. Join for the latest in everything chic, glam and luxurious. This box helps you take out the guesswork in finding the latest in trendy musts, and delivers various products each quarter that are sure to make heads turn.

3 Star Rating

(Based off 237 reviews)

Our Thoughts

Conceptually perfect for all the glam ma'ams, this box ultimately has a few weakness worth mentioning. Many people have expressed frustrations with the customer support, and lack of timely deliveries. It also rests at more of a premium price point, but we find it justified by the quality of the products that go inside. However, some concerns of the variety of included products have been brought up. Of course, if you're not a fan of Rachel Zoe's style, opt out for this one. Otherwise, we think it's worth checking out, as a lot of people have really enjoyed this box.

Rocksbox, Image Source

7. Rocksbox


$21.00 per month


This box allows you to rent high quality jewelry for a low cost. Rocksbox is a jewelry membership service that sends you 3 pieces at a time to rent, handpicked based on your style preference, and if you fall in love with a piece and would like to purchase it, the monthly fee is deducted from your order. Members get access to designer accessories and new updated styles, all while being able to hold onto pieces they love for as long as they'd like. When they are ready to try something new, they simply pack up the items (or buy them with membership discounts) and return them and Rocksbox sends out a new set. And don't worry, the company covers the returns and shipping!

3.5 Star Rating

(Based off 180 verified reviews)

Our Thoughts

This box applied the Stick Fix formula to jewelry, and they are doing it really well. We love that they cover shipping both ways and appreciate the discounted prices for members. Dare we say, this box rocks?? Well, quite frankly, we aren't sure. It's a great concept, but based on the reviews and our research, it seems like some people aren't so impressed with the quality of the jewelry. We think if you're on the hunt for keeping jewelry, this might not be your best bet. However, if you're down with the rental style switch-ups, this is a great option for you.

Allure Beauty Box, Image Source

8. Allure Beauty Box


$23.00 per month, $65.00 for 3 months prepay, $250 for one year prepay


With the Allure Beauty Box, you'll get 6 or more makeup and skincare products delivered to your door. The box includes at least 3 full size items, and guarantees the picks to add up to $100+ in retail value. Allure curates this box with experts and editors to help hand-select the best. New members get a $15 reward, and everyone enjoys free shipping. Plus, they offer member only discounts and special events!

4.3 Star Rating

(Based off 5,187 verified reviews)

Our Thoughts

This box shines! They are able to leverage their industry contacts to get the best in beauty. People consistently enjoy this box, and it's a super affordable option to help you feel a little more beautiful. Or should we say, reveal the beauty that already is there ;) 

SinglesSwag, Image Source

9. SinglesSwag


$39.99 per month (standard), $24.99 per month (petite).


Love yo self to the next level with this box specifically designed for single women. Celebrating self-love with the SinglesSwag box includes receiving full-sized, hand selected products across organic beauty, fun fashion, delicious snacks, and best-selling books! SinglesSwag's mission to empower and inspire single women, while making them feel more beautiful and loved in the process. Which begs the question, do you have to break up with SinglesSwag when you start dating? We think they'd be open to keep things open ;) as long as you want to keep celebrating self-care and self-love.

4.2 Star Rating

(Based off 526 verified reviews)

Our Thoughts

This box has a lot of people who rave about it. It's a really cute concept and we think it's all around a fun box that will definitely bring a smile to all of the single ladies. It's a great price point and the quality of the items seems solid. It might not be the most original box out there, but hey, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies, because who doesn't love self-care for the ladies.

GlobeIn Artisan Box, Image Source

10. GlobeIn Artisan Box


$40.00 per month, $38.00 per month quarterly prepay ($114), $35.00 per month 6 month prepay ($210), $33.00 per month annual prepay ($396) 


This subscription box sends you handcrafted goods from around the world ever month. GlobeIn Artisan Box helps elevate the craftsman who make its featured products, providing fair wages to areas that need it most, all while highlighting their talent. Each month, you select a theme and receive 4-5 products. If subscriptions aren't your thing, you can shop the site for incredible artisan goods à la carte, and buy their themed packages as stand alone gifts too.

4.8 Star Rating

(Based off 248 reviews)

Our Thoughts

This box is epic. The team clearly cares, and isn't just haphazardly throwing items together that they get at wholesale. This is a thoughtful box that pairs items beautifully and creates wonderful themes. What we love about this box, is that every month you get to choose the theme that appeals most to you. You are never stuck with one option. This box isn't for everyone, but if you are on the lookout to improve the look and feel of your home all while knowing you're making a positive global impact, then this is definitely worth checking out! It has solid reviews, and people enjoy the quality.

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  46. mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription
  47. The Happy Glamper
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  49. Life's a Wave BEACH box
  50. Paradise Delivered Premium Box


Women run the subscription box world, and there are so many out there to choose from. We love these boxes because they help you habituate joy. Let us know if you end up trying any from the list and what your thoughts are!