September 2021: Embroidery

This September, we are thinking about the cycles and rhythms in our lives.

Seasons change. Moods come and go. And there is an overall beat to our days.

When we meditate, we invite the chance for the mind to get into its own rhythm, without synching to the commotion outside.

With embroidery, the repetition of movement allows us to fall into that continual dance with the now.

Join us live Via Zoom for a special guest.

Meet Kerri of @botanicalbunny, as seen on Netflix's "Heal" series. She’s a 27 year old, self-taught embroidery artist based in the Northeast.

Kerri found embroidery rather accidentally as a way to cope with years of chronic illness and the feelings of isolation it triggered. Embroidery has since become her daily practice for therapeutic release.

Her work focuses on the natural world as well as human vulnerability. Kerri feels deep gratitude towards this mode of expression for offering her a chance to transmute her pain into something beautiful that she can in turn share with others.

We feel blessed to have her as your guide in this month’s Master Peace Box class!