October 2022: Make Your Own Spooky Decorations - Needle Felting Pumpkin Kit

Come create with us when the veil between the spiritual and earthy realms is thinnest. Learn how to make your own spooky decorations with this neat needle-felting kit! Perfect for Halloween parties, these little pumpkins make great ornaments to decorate your party table or favours to give to your guests. And the kit itself is a brilliant gift for anyone crafty too.

Inside the display box you will find high-quality, soft merino wool fibres in a rainbow of autumn hues and a specialist needle felting needle, which has been chosen specifically to work with this type of wool. There are also step-by-step photographic instructions to show you how to make three different sorts of pumpkins and how to add creepy Jack O'lantern faces if you want to. They'll help keep the ghouls at bay!

All you need from home to complete this kit is a small sponge to work on or, failing that, a small cushion of folded scarf will do.

This month's art subscription box and description is provided by Bergin & Bath.