November Bonus Workshop: Chat with A Nutritionist

Learn some tips to become just a little healthier and happier!

11/10/20 5pm PST

Access Recording ($10.00)
November 2, 2020

We're opening up the floor to chat with a nutritionist and ask all of your questions around health.

This is an informal conversation, and a great chance to get tips from a professional. Stephanie is lovely, and this will be a fun way to learn from an expert.

Your Guide

The Superfood Goddess

Stephanie Bosco, also known as The Superfood Goddess, is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach. She specializes in plant based & gluten free cooking to elevate mental health and the gut microbiome. Other than coaching, she teaches cooking classes online and at festivals, is a private chef, she creates delicious whole food plant based recipes for her blog, and enjoys building up other brands and women doing good in the world. She is also a 200RYT trained yoga instructor.

She currently studies a Masters in Clinical Nutrition while working with individual and group coaching clients. She believes in the power of positivity in any situation and that you have the ability to change your circumstances, if you change your mindset.

Stephanie is a firm believer that with taking the time to learn and grow, understand others, and create more compassion, we can achieve a kinder world.