May Art Box 2021: Origami

Class goes live 5/30 at 11:00am PST

Origami by Your Guide, Alex Ray

Origami is the ancient art of folding paper. It is meditative by nature. This art requires a bringing together of pieces to create something new. Something more beautiful than before. Something studier.

Our intention this month is to not only relax as we create, but also to reflect on how we can, in our own lives, bring together the parts of ourselves to appreciate a new sense of wholeness.  

Like paper, we have our edges. We sometimes see certain aspects of our selves as flimsy, weak, or unworthy. But when we unify all facets, stepping into our whole, perfect and complete nature, we become more full of life.  

Where is your edge? Can you meet it with compassion? Rather than wishing parts of yourself away, can you fold them all into a stronger and more beautiful you? When we do this inwardly, we are much more easily able to unify as a group. So, this month we meditate on how we can unify within.

Your Instructor, Alex Ray, Image Source

Alex Ray lives at home in Bristol with two rescue greyhounds and 100s of origami models! He has been making origami models for over 20 years since the very first time his dad taught him how to make a Samurai Hat with paper.

He works at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, where he gets to help children who visit learn more about origami, music and just help them enjoy their stay as much as he can.

Alex has a BAEd Primary Education with Art Specialism and am CRB Checked; having practiced Origami for over 20 years, it is his biggest passion. Alex aims to make sure that every one of his students leaves their Origami sessions both having learned something new and having had a great time.