May 2022: Cyanotype Kit

Spring and summer are month's to get outside, and that's exactly what this grounding meditation provides an excuse to do. We'll be creating cyanotype prints using the sun and bits of nature, and then cutting and pasting the prints to create a collaged piece of art.

This is a chance to celebrate the vibrancy and miracles of life found in the world outside that mirrors the miracle of life within.

Our mindful awareness during the practice will anchor us in our senses and the tactile experience of the craft. And, of course, we will incorporate a relaxing guided mediation.

Additional supplies to consider:

  • Scissors
  • Pens/ markers
  • Poster or larger hard-stock paper... or simply turn this page over :)

Kit includes:

  • Cyanotype paper
  • Instructions

Supplies provided by KIT CYANOTYPE.