June 2021: Diamond Painting & Live Piano Meditation

Class goes live June 30th, 5:30pm PST

This box pairs with our monthly class led over Zoom. If you can't make the class, you'll get access to the recording.

This June, we are taking the time to practice shifting our focus. When we give our busy minds the gift of resting attention somewhere away from our troubles and stressors, it gives us a chance to lift our vibration and shine brighter.

So, join us as we blissfully zone out to our diamond painting project and fall into a meditative trance with the background melodies of Alex BH's music. This workshop will help you release stress and improve your present-moment awareness.

We'll start our workshop with a brief meditation. YouTuber Rachel Ray will then introduce us to the best practices of diamond painting. Then, we'll all get into our own flow, mindfully creating as Alex takes us on a live piano meditation journey.

Box includes:

Full diamond painting set - $39 retail value

$20 class value

Your guide, Rachel Rae

Rachel Rae started her diamond painting journey in early 2018 and began a YouTube channel to connect with other crafters online.

Within a year and a half, what started as a hobby blossomed into a teaching opportunity by creating tutorials and guides for those new to the diamond painting world as well as reviews of companies and accessories.

Now with more than 38,000 subscribers, Rachel plans to expand her channel with other crafts like cross stitch and paint by number, sharing tips and tricks as well as weekly mental health check-ins. She welcomes people with all skill levels to follow and find comfort in learning a therapeutic art.

Rachel has a soothing and welcoming presence and we can't wait for her guidance this month.

Your Guide, Alex BH

Alex BH uses music to tell stories. Alex has premiered his compositions on three continents, and has performed at prestigious venues and festivals such as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, the Greek Theatre, SXSW, and Lollapalooza.

He has released a single and video every 2 weeks since early April, preceding the release of his instrumental EP — Modes — available everywhere May 20, 2021.

Because Alex's artist project is a social enterprise, a portion of all profits goes to a charity of his choice, alternating on a quarterly basis.

His career objective is to use the arts, business, and philanthropy to create a more mindful, compassionate, and engaged world.

- Favorite Song Out Now: Logos

- Favorite Song Coming Out: Kairos (out May 20)

- Ethos (Official Music Video)

You can connect with Alex here:

Website: alexbh.com

IG: instagram.com/itsalexbh