July 2021: Drawing

This July, it's time to celebrate our imagination. Often when we are stressed, or out of alignment with our true self, we need to use our imagination to dream up something better. When we can imagine what a positive situation might feel like, we can tap into that energy without abandoning how we actually feel in the moment. This space of presence will open us up to deeper creativity.

Yasmin Gunberg will open us up to dream-inspired art making. We will touch on ancestry, inspiration, dreams, and more. She will then walk us through a demonstration of she approaches the drawing process.

Together, we'll dream something beautiful into reality on the page, a great practice for off page dreaming too.

Box includes-

$17.00 Papaya "Surrounded by Love" Sketchbook

$23.99 Tombow Dual Brush Pen Muted Color Set

$20.00 class value

Your Guide, Yasmin Gunberg

Yasmin Gunberg, a second generation American of Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, and Slavic descent, grew up in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Colorado. Her passion for painting blossomed at age sixteen after the death of her mother. At eighteen she was accepted to New York University, Steinhardt Department of Studio Art where she developed her skills as an artist. Missing the inspiration and influence of nature, Yasmin returned to Boulder where she received a degree in Anthropology and Philosophy from the University of Colorado.

Yasmin now resides in the American Pacific Northwest where she continues to evolve her stylistic paintings and drawings, pursues herbal medicine classes, and enjoys her journey as a birth worker.