January Art Box 2021: Kintsugi

The at-home kintsugi workshop, fully supplied by the Master Peace Box, led by Dr. Alexa Altman.

January 31st at 11:00am PST

Access Recording ($20.00)

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of unifying broken pieces, literally translating to "golden rejoining." This January, we are bringing together the broken pieces that we may have felt like from 2020, and rejoining to become even stronger and more beautiful, highlighting the cracks and transmuting them into golden light. This healing practice is led by Dr. Alexa Altman, who incorporates mindfulness and meditation into the work. Her workshop was featured in Buzzfeed, check out the video for a great preview of what to expect! 

It's important to note we aren't claiming this workshop to be the authentic Kintsugi method, rather, we are celebrating and taking inspiration from the tradition. So the details may not be exactly correct, but as Picasso said, "good artists borrow, great artists steal."

*PLEASE NOTE* - self-care items have now moved to add-ons, and do not come with the monthly experience, which helped make Master Peace Boxes more affordable.

Box includes: 

✔  Bowl for workshop

✔  Gold Paint for workshop

✔  Brushes for workshop

✔  Gorilla Glue for workshop

✔  Gloves for workshop

✔  Metal File for workshop

✔  Cloth for workshop

Your Guide, Dr. Alexa Altman

For Dr. Alexa Altman, her 17 year career as a clinical psychologist, specializing in holistic, mind/body approaches to healing, has illuminated the infinite ways in which we can transform our suffering into something meaningful and beautiful. Dr. Altman strives to connect to each client and organization’s innate capacity for resilience and creativity.  Alexa’s calling to work with the art of Kintsugi came from a deep interest in the alchemy of broken objects as a doorway to transformation and personal growth. Alexa’s passion led her to travel to Tokyo, Japan to study Kintsugi from, Sensei Showzi a 50 year master of this art form. She not only learned the refined artistry and rich  history of this 15th century craft she also discovered the unbounded pearls of personal and collective wisdom gleaned from this practice. Alexa was so moved personally by this art form, she created a method to interact with each person's personal story while breaking open a real vessel and reconstructing it with gold. The unexpected plunge into what is revealed when we allow ourselves to be broken open continues to be a source of creative inspiration and personal exploration with each person that comes to this practice.