February Art Box 2021: Mindful Malas

Discover the craft of mala making during this month of love!

Virtual Class Goes Live: February 28th, 11am PST

Access Recording ($20.00)

For our practice this month, to honor love, we’ll be working with @merakalpa, exploring the craft of mala making. We’ll learn more about color and the symbolic meaning of different stones (we’ll be working with rose quartz, a stone of compassion). You’ll walk away with a mini mala bracelet and the knot tying skills to create more of your own.

Your Guide, Amanda Jaten

From Amanda:

When I began making Mala necklaces over 4 years ago I found that it was difficult to find high quality materials and instructions.  I have created many custom malas for clients but I wanted a way to help my clients take part in this special practice for themselves...and make their own mala with their love and intentions!

I created MeraKalpa Mala Kits with the intention of sharing my experience and supplies so that anyone can make their own special, high quality Mala Beads.  I have created videos showing each step, so that the process would be fun and easy to follow.  

"MeraKalpa" is a blend of 2 words: Meraki, and Sankalpa... which I thought best expressed the practice of mala making.  "Meraki" is of greek origin and it means to do something with soul, love, creativity; to put something of yourself into your work.  "Sankalpa" is a beautiful Sanskrit word to describe an intention which honors the deeper meaning of our lives.  Together, they make "MeraKalpa".

Today, MeraKalpa Mala kits are made and shipped through a parternship with the nonprofit, Beacon Group, in Tucson AZ.  Beacon Group provides opportunities for people with disabilities. Our work together, with your support is enriching lives!  

On a personal note... MeraKalpa Malas is my "Sankalpa".  After 10+ years as a professional in the corporate world, I chose to follow my heart and pursue a life of meaning and intention with MeraKalpa Malas.  All materials are thoughtfully sourced and assembled with compassion.  Whether you are giving a MeraKalpa Mala kit as a gift to a loved one, or seeking a mala kit for your own personal development and enjoyment, I hope you find something that inspires you and encourages you to find your "Sankalpa".  

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