August Art Box: Black & White Acrylics

Learn to paint a human eye with black and white paint after a soothing meditation!

August 26th, 2020 at 5pm PST:

Devin Wesley dives into tips and tricks to create a realistic human eye using black and white acrylic paint. Laurasia Mattingly will close our class with a calming meditation on balance. We've worked with dark and light, and we'll discuss balancing dark and light energies within.

*PLEASE NOTE* - self-care items have now moved to add-ons, and do not come with the monthly experience, which helped make Master Peace Boxes more affordable.

Box includes:

✔ 14'' x 11'' stretch canvas
✔ Premium black and white acrylic paint
✔ Full set of paint brushes
✔ High quality wood paint palette

Your Guide, Devin Wesley

Devin is a Los Angeles based artist who specializes in black and white portraits. His portraits highlight the rare moments we see a person in their uninhibited state; hoping to inspire others to look inward and explore the depths of their own consciousness. Strength and vulnerability are the two pillars behind all of his work. He believes it's important to celebrate the natural strength and resilience innately in all humans while also exploring the emotional depth that so many are afraid to reveal. Over time, he has learned to harness the meditative nature of art and hopes to expose others to the healing power of artistic expression.

Your Guide, Laurasia Mattingly

Laurasia is a (400-hour) meditation and mindfulness instructor, Reiki Master and a trained Mindful Schools Educator (a program designed to teach children and teens the tools of mindfulness). After the loss of her mother, and experiencing debilitating anxiety, Laurasia spent years exploring her own spirituality, and found her passion lies in teaching people to live by the way of the heart. Laurasia guides her students by sharing the tools for finding peace, joy, and ultimately happiness in the present moment. She remains committed to her practice by pursuing additional education through the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center's MAPs courses, and attending silent retreats annually. Laurasia works with elite clients and companies like Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, SoHo House, Kaiser Permanente, Moet and Chandon, Nike, Lululemon, HUM Nutrition, TAO group, Live Nation, Dogpound and SB projects, to name a few. She teaches for The DEN Meditation and Journey Meditation. She is the founder of her own virtual meditation platform @thesitsociety.