April Art Box 2021: Ink Block Printing

Ink block printing is the featured craft for April's art box.

Access Recording ($20.00)

Art by Harry Diaz

This month we will be creating with ink block prints, perfect for exploring patterns. We'll carve grooves in linoleum and zoom into the moment. As we do so, I invite you to meditate on the patterns in your own life.

We all walk down familiar roads. We recreate patterns. This is because the brain craves what's familiar. We are hard-wired to seek safety in that familiarity. On the soul level, we fall into patterns when we miss the lessons or need a second chance to heal a past wound.

But this is all for our benefit. How beautiful that our soul attracts situations that allows us to go back and heal what once hurt. And how amazing that our minds are always keeping us safe.

So this month we reflect on what patterns are we creating. What subconscious familiarity are we craving that is holding us back. What can we let go of, and start to make unfamiliar. And,  of course, what patterns are in fact working in our favor?

Harry Diaz is a Guatemalan born artist. He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. His practice involves elements of printmaking, drawing, and digital media. His current body of work explores repeated visual elements, including minimal geometry, patterns, and graphic icons. He sees his imagery as a visual language, which can be interpreted differently by each person who views it. Though there is no literal translation to his imagery, the viewer can form his or her own narrative through the patterns and elements that they are familiar with. Another major influence in his work are Maya weavings, which he remembers from his childhood. Latin America has a rich tradition in printmaking, and he views his work as adding to that tradition.