Bonus Workshops

All bonus events and recordings are free for subscribers and open to the public to join live for free and remain available for purchase thereafter. Subscribers can access recordings for up to 3 weeks after the event, then must purchase to join that previous class or workshop.

Setting Boundaries During The Holidays

September 27, 2020

An informal conversation on setting personal boundaries around the holidays just for you! Whatever ways you're looking to protect and prioritize your mental and physical health—whether it be limiting time with your family and friends, giving yourself permission to eat what you want/need, or figuring out your travel plans (or lack thereof) because of Covid—we’re talking about it. Come with your questions!

November Bonus Workshop: Chat with A Nutritionist

September 27, 2020
Access Recording ($10.00)

We're opening up the floor to chat with a nutritionist and ask all of your questions around health. ‍This is an informal conversation, and a great chance to get tips from a professional. Stephanie is lovely, and this will be a fun way to learn from an expert.

October Bonus Workshop: At-Home Skincare

September 27, 2020
Access Recording ($10.00)

Join us as we learn from Esther Levy about designing fragrances and skincare products with readily available ingredients found at home. Esther is the founder of the Ujjayi skincare and deodorant line featured in September's box, and is a true master of her craft. Ask questions, get creative, and make something that makes you feel good! This will be a fun workshop!

September Bonus Workshop: Calligraphy Workshop with Olivia of Atiliay

September 27, 2020

Learn how to create modern calligraphy with the pencils and markers you have at home!

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