The Master Peace Blog

Sound Healing 101: The Science Behind Sound Healing & How To Practice At Home

September 25, 2020

For many people, sound healing is a concept enshrouded in an ethereal layer of ancient Eastern spirituality. (Cue thrumming gong reverberating high up in the Himalayas.) Indeed, some sound healing practices can be dated back as early as 40,000 years. Even so, sound healing circles continue to crop up locally, and the practice is commonly employed as a subset form of meditation today. A low-cost, low-risk alternative to medication with far-reaching results, is sound healing is worth its salt as an effective self-care practice? ‍Let's take a closer look...

Five Grounding Techniques To Stay Focused Using Mind-Body Connection

September 25, 2020

Staying grounded takes attention and intention. Here are five ways to remain leveled and focused when working from home. Cultivating a mind-body connection is key.

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