Self-expression is self-care.

Mastering inner peace is your life's greatest masterpiece.

Our mission is to inspire joy and peace through creativity, insight, and community.

Born out of the world's first drop-in meditation art class in LA, these kits incorporate creative expression as a form of healing and connecting to our highest self. Maslow's hierarchy of needs teaches us that creativity is integral to achieve self-actualization. The Master Peace Box will help you find easy ways to flex those creative muscles that get you closer to your best self. Whether joining our monthly box membership or stopping in for a virtual art class, our goal is to make you feel better.


"I want you to know how brilliant I think this box is. I am LOVING every minute of it!! 

- Ellen


"It's like MasterClass and Headspace somehow gave birth to an art studio... l love it so much!"

- Jessica


"The Master Peace Box group paint night was one of the best experiences I've seen for our team. " 

- Senior HR Executive, Disney

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