a more colorful meditation:

The mental health crisis is alarming. More and more people are going on anti-depressants and the collective anxiety is through the roof.

The Master Peace Box is an art subscription box designed to tackle this problem and help make people feel better.

I'm Michael, the founder, and I've struggled with depression and anxiety and what helped me heal was meditation and creative expression. I wanted to create a place for these to live together, because I see how beautifully the two overlap. And I wanted to create something more approachable and affordable than art therapy.

At Master Peace, we help people get into a meditative state through easily digestible creativity workshops and conveniently delivered supply boxes.

Art naturally helps us zoom into the moment. But to help get us mindful in our creativity, we open our monthly workshops with guided meditations. This helps us set the intention, relax and clear mental fog to open up creatively.

Creating art holds your focus, releases stress, and increases the awareness of both our inner and our outer world. It's meditative in nature, and we thought it was time for a more colorful meditation.

You do not have to be an artist or meditator to benefit from this practice. It has been tried and tested on thousands of people, born out of our founding company HeARTbreak Studios, and the feedback has been overwhelming.

We all need to express our own true selves. Something magic happens when we still the whirlpool of the mind and create.

we believe...

Creativity connects us to source.

Art is awesome.

Mindfulness doesn't have to be boring.

Expression makes you feel good.

We need creative expression to feel fulfilled (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs).

We can help you feel better and connect to a deeper version of yourself through art :)