find your meditative flow in art.
Monthly art supply boxes and mindful workshops to help you create more and stress less.
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Mindful Art Classes to Help You...

boost your creativity

Get a monthly box exploring new artistic mediums & creative exercises.

learn new techniques

Access our guided Zoom art classes to discover tips & tricks.

release stress

We incorporate meditation to get present in our creativity and offer feel-good wellness add-ons.

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january's masterpiece

Order Cut-Off is the 15th of the Month.

Vision Boarding
Live Class on 1/31
5:30pm PST

Join us for a fun workshop on setting your intentions for the year and visualizing what you want to manifest. Get a vision board book with 700+ words and inspiring images and glue stick included in your box.

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Create Peace in 3 Easy Steps

1. Get The Box

We'll send you a box full of new art supplies that pairs with a virtual experience.

2. Join The Workshop

Get access to live art classes led by professional and renowned artists.

3. Feel Good

We hold space for you and your creative journey. Who knew feeling good was so easy? Art knew. Art knew all along.




How does it work?


First, sign up for our membership. Then you'll get a supply box and an email with a Zoom link to our monthly workshop. The box comes with a pamphlet explaining the intention, introducing the instructor, and providing a theme for reflection upon creating.


When do you ship your boxes out?


We ship out the 15th of every month. If you order your box on the 15th or later, your box will be sent out the following month. We ship through USPS, usual delivery time is 2-7 days, depending on location.


What happens if I miss the event?


We send out class recordings to all members that are available to playback at your convenience for up to 3 weeks after the event. This upholds the integrity of the instructor's private practice and keeps us creating every month.


What's the format like of the virtual class?


Our classes open with a guided meditation to move us out of our day and into a relaxed space to create. We then jump into a lesson from an expert artist. This is a no pressure environment. Participate with questions, or feel free to sit back and learn.


When will I get charged?


You'll be charged on your signup day, and then on the 15th of each subsequent month.


What if I don't like the artistic medium this month?


You can skip or pause membership for an upcoming month, or contact us if you were displeased with a class you paid for. We'll make it right!




We don't currently gear our experiences towards kids. But we may make a kid-friendly option soon! Let's us know if you'd like this :)


There's a lot of art subscription boxes and mindful subscription boxes out there. Why should I go with this one?


We are the only place to experience the relaxing benefits of guided art meditations. We also provide access to experienced artists that assist you on your creativity journey, and a wonderful community of mindful creatives.

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Monthly Member

These boxes have changed my life...having virtual access to art classes with world-class instructors has been fantastic! ...In addition to the art classes, the mindfulness exercises and the reminders to take of myself are priceless.


Monthly Member

I loved this box and the concept! I've been looking for ways to tap back into my creative force and this box was a divine blessing as it came right when I needed it 🙏🏿


Date Night Member

Master Peace is an amazing and unique way to be artistic and creative in the comfort of your own home, while also relaxing through guided meditation.


Monthly Member

I was looking for something I could do and enjoy on my free time away from electronics and this was perfect! Thanks Master Peace Box!


Monthly Member

The perfect place to reconnect with inner peace. Very professionally coordinated and awesome artists each month!! Can’t wait for my next class!


Monthly Member

I was looking for a new hobby to express myself, but I knew I needed some guidance. This box is perfect. I am LOVING every minute of it!! 

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